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Japanese Black Ink Painting Beginners Online Program

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Learn the Art of Black Ink Painting with Live Online Private Lessons


Live Online Private Sumi-e Lessons for Beginners are now available.

Learn brushstrokes and techniques for painting grasses, flowers, trees, mountains, landscapes and more in the comfort of your own home. 

Sumi-e: Japanese Black Ink Painting is a unique art form using only black ink, handmade paper and a special brush. It is a calming and relaxing activity.


Click to Book One-hour Lesson: €48 

Click to Book two or more lessons and receive 15% Off. (When booking, select two or more lessons, then use Coupon Code: PRIVATE15 and click 'Apply'.)

After booking, you will be sent a scheduling email. Please reply within five days to schedule your lesson(s).

Book now and learn more about this beautiful art form.


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