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We're Now Open for Enrolment - 18th February through midnight on the 24th February 2021

The new member enrolment window for the Japanese Black Ink Painting for Beginners Online Program is OPEN NOW through midnight on the 24th of February 2021.

Join us in this online blended learning program where beginners will learn brushstrokes and techniques for painting grasses, flowers, trees, mountains and landscapes. Japanese Black Ink Painting (Sumi-e) is a unique art form using only black ink, handmade paper and a special brush. It is a calming and relaxing activity. Click to JOIN.

The program involves live group learning online sessions including guidance and feedback to improve personal progress, access to pre-recorded instructional videos members can watch in their own time, as well as a monthly online zoom Café (where people can meet up for tea and a chat and, if they’d like, show their paintings) and a private members art community area where members can keep in touch.

Each subscriber can decide on their own way to engage with the many different aspects of the program to suit their own needs, level of experience and availability.

Membership subscription for this enrolment period: Choice of €19.50/month subscription or €195.00/yearly subscription (with 12 months for the price of ten – equivalent to €16.25/month). The membership subscription will never increase as long as members remain in good standing.

Please click HERE to enrol today.


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