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New Option Available for Six Week Introduction to Sumi-e Online Course

Sumi-e is a lovely relaxing art form that uses only black ink, handmade paper, and a special brush.

There is a new option available for those interested in our new six-week online course (starting on the 18th of November). The Introduction to Sumi-e: Japanese Black Ink Painting course offers the option of including both weekly live group learning sessions on Zoom and access to successively-released pre-recorded lessons which can be viewed in your own time (Fee: 150Euro), or the successively-released pre-recorded sessions only (Fee: 50Euro) for those who are unable to attend the Thursday Zoom sessions.

Students will learn basic brushstrokes and techniques for painting grasses, flowers, trees, mountains and landscapes. The emphasis is on the process rather than the finished work.

Sumi-e is an art form that teaches self-awareness and helps the artist learn to see and feel. The mind must be clear and the body relaxed. In Japanese Black Ink Painting, the fewest possible brushstrokes are used to capture the essence of the subject being painted. It is a beautiful, unique and expressive art form.

Registration closes 17th November. To find out when the next Six-Week Course will begin, please subscribe or join waitlist in sidebar.

Relax and enjoy learning the Art of Black Ink Painting.




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